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Alice Lake

Provincial Park

Alice Lake is surrounded by towering mountains, dense forests and grassy areas. There are four fresh water lakes that dominate the landscape and make swimming and fishing very enjoyable pastimes. The trail around Alice Lake is a popular one for an evening stroll and for the more adventurous there is the Four Lakes Trail. This is a favourite family park.

75 km From Vancouver
1 hour 15 min
school bus

Ticket Prices

  • Regular rate$49
  • Students / Seniors$44
  • Children$25
  • Regular rate$35
  • Students / Seniors$32
  • Children$18

This is not a guided trip, unless you are signing up for ActiveDays trip.

Rated as one of BC's most popular camping and family spots, Alice Lake is also a beautiful area to explore for the day! Full of mountain views, four freshwater lakes you can swim or fish in, and plenty of hikes to choose from, it is one of our favourite spots in Squamish where you can get away from the big crowds! One of the trails we recommend checking out is the 4 Lakes Trail, an easy 6.5km stroll through the forest that showcases all four of the stunning lakes that encompass Alice Lake. To start this hike, walk from the main beach area near the parking lot to the beach area across the water. From there, go to the parking lot where there is a trail map for the 4 lakes trail that will direct you to the trailhead. Leaving Alice Lake, the second lake you will see will be Edith Lake. Venture on to visit Fawn Lake. Once you’re on your way to the final lake, listen for sounds of the rushing water. There will be a turn-off to your right that leads you down to the Cheekeye River where you will see outstanding views of mountains right in front of your eyes! Head back to the main trail to visit Stump Lake, and then continue on the trail that will loop you back to the main beach area.

For those who are looking for more of a challenge, take on the DeBeck’s Hill Trail! It is 3km in length, and quite strenuous as it climbs 274m from the trailhead. To access this trail, start from the same side of the beach as the 4 Lakes Trail. Once you have walked over from the main beach, keep to your left until you see a yellow coloured gate. Walk through that gate to begin your hike up DeBeck’s Hill. From there, you will follow a well-marked old logging road high above Alice Lake. On the way up, you will also see a old steam donkey that was used for yarding logs. Once you get to the top, you will see spectacular sights of the Tantalus Range to the west and Mount Garibaldi to the East. Look below you and you will see the Squamish River winding its way along the valley. Once you have soaked in the views, take the same trail down to return to the same spot you started the hike.

ActiveDays BC - Free Guided Hikes Programme (June 16 and August 25 only)

On June 16 and August 25, join our ActiveDays leader Sophia Yang on a hike! We will take on the popular Four Lakes Trail, a 6km length trail where you get to experience all four beautiful lakes via more a low-elevation stroll. In addition, we will also be hiking the more strenuous DeBeck's Hill Trail, which offers stunning views of the ice-capped Tantalus Range to the west and Mount Garibaldi to the east.

A popular camping spot in the summer, Alice Lake contains a network of hiking trails perfect for those looking to get outdoors for a nice walk. The Four Lakes Trail offers a scenic easy hike that loops around the park and passes lakes, creeks, and groves of Cedar, Hemlock, and Douglas Fir trees.

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This is a trip not to be missed. Come out and enjoy not only one, but two picturesque trails with us! Make new friends, visit new places, and see how the outdoors is closer to the city than you think!

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Important Safety Information

Once you are dropped off at the park, you are responsible for your own safety. There are no guides (unless you are joining ActiveDays program) - this is NOT a group or guided trip, as Parkbus only provides transportation. Make sure you review basic safety information, and bring food and lots of water (it is not possible to buy food or water in the park). There is limited cellphone reception in the park or in the parking lot. As is elsewhere in BC backcountry, you may encounter natural hazards, such as snowy conditions, poor visibility, wildlife as well as steep and dangerous cliffs, especially if you wander off trail (do not!).

Stops in Alice Lake Provincial Park


Alice Lake Office

The bus will drop you off at the office for Alice Lake. The trailheads as well as the beach are all walking distance away.

Estimated Arrival
09:30 AM

04:30 PM

Pickup Locations In Vancouver

Bank of China

Our buses stop outside Bank of China, near Burrard Skytrain Station, at 1025 Dunsmuir Street!

08:00 AM

Estimated Return
06:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What hikes can I go on?

There are 10 trails in this park and they include: The Four Lakes Trail, Mike's Loop, Stump Lake Loop Trail, Alice Lake Loop Trail, Swamp Lantern Interpretive Loop Trail, Bob MacIntosh Memorial Trail, Jacks Trail, DeBeck's Hill Trail, Tracks from Hell Trail and trails to the Lower Alice Ridge. The last five trails head out of the park. For your own safety and preservation of the park, obey posted signs and keep to designated trails. Shortcutting trails destroy plant life and soil structure.

For maps and trail descriptions click here .

Is there a public picnic area?

There is a day-use/picnicking area with picnic tables and parking area. There are no covered shelters. There is a grassy area and 3 sandy beach areas. The main toilet building has a change area. There are no fire rings or fires permitted in the day-use area.

Is there a place to buy food or water?

There is a concession kiosk at Centre Beach that sells beach toys, hot and cold drinks and snacks. All Paddle Sport payments are processed through the concession.

Can I rent paddle sport equipment like boats or stand up paddleboards?

Yes, you can rent those from the rental kiosk located at Centre Beach. A valid picture government issued identification is required for all rentals. Payments for rentals are made at the concession hut at the main beach. Cash and Credit are accepted.

Are there bears?

Yes, bears can be encountered throughout summer months and it is very important to educate yourself with bear safety when visiting these wild places. For more information on bear safety click here .

For maps and more information on Alice Lake Provincial Park please visit BC Parks' website .

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