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Are you looking to visit Cypress Mountain this winter? Cypress Coach Lines offers regular service from Vancouver for both downhill and nordic skiers. Visit their website (not affiliated with Parkbus)

Bounded on the west by Howe Sound, on the north and east by the ridgetops of Mount Strachan and Hollyburn Mountain and to the south by West Vancouver, Cypress sits like a ship's crownest high above Vancouver, offering stunning vistas and plenty of hiking opportunities.

30 km From Vancouver
45 minutes
school bus

Ticket Prices

  • Regular rate$32
  • Students / Seniors$29
  • Children$16
  • Regular rate$23
  • Students / Seniors$21
  • Children$12

Important: this is NOT a guided trip. Only transportation is included.

One of the local favourites and the freestyle skiing and snowboarding venue for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Cypress Provincial Park is a beautiful place to spend your day! Surrounded by the Howe Sound, Mount Strachan, Hollyburn Mountain, and West Vancouver, Cypress has an abundance of hikes that offer spectacular views. Please be advised that most of the trails in the area are of moderate difficulty so please ensure you have done your research on the trails and evaluated your own skill level.

Some of the hikes such as ones along the Howe Sound Crest Trail enters Cypress' backcountry and should only be attempted if you are well prepared and come equipped with proper attire for the conditions. If you are looking for a shorter hike with great views of Bowen Island the Howe Sound, the 4km roundtrip Bowen Lookout hike is a good choice. To start this hike, walk past the downhill ski area, past the lodge, and towards the trail map where you will keep to the right that winds through gravel paths. From there, follow the sign pointing towards the Howe Sound Crest Trail East that takes you through a series of uphill switchbacks to the top. The hike takes about 2 hours for the average hiker and 110m to the summit. Once your reach the lookout, the beautiful views waiting for you up there will make you forget you’re so close to the city!

Another hike in the area that offers fantastic views of Vancouver and the Howe Sound is Eagle Bluffs. It is a 4 hour hike that is 10km roundtrip. Begin from the parking lot and follow the trail that is closest to the ski left on the left. The trail will say 'Black Mountain'. From there, follow the uphill ascent for about 30 minutes. Once at the top of the hill, you can choose to view Yew Lake or Cabin Lake which are two alpine lakes along the trail. If you do check those out, come back onto the main trail afterwards to continue going to Eagle Bluffs. At the summit, take in the views of the entire Lower Mainland! Once you’re done, take the same trail back down to the parking lot.

Important Safety Information

Once you are dropped off at the park, you are responsible for your own safety. There are no guides - this is NOT a group or guided trip, as Parkbus only provides transportation. Make sure you review basic safety information, and bring food and lots of water (it is not possible to buy food or water in the park). There is limited cellphone reception in the park or in the parking lot. As is elsewhere in BC backcountry, you may encounter natural hazards, such as snowy conditions, poor visibility, wildlife as well as steep and dangerous cliffs, especially if you wander off trail (do not!).

Stops in Cypress Provincial Park


Black Mountain Lodge

The bus will drop you off right at Black Mountain Lodge, at the end of Cypress Bowl Road. There are plenty of hiking options accessible right from there. For more information on hiking trails in the area click here.

Estimated Arrival
09:45 AM

05:00 PM

Pickup Locations In Vancouver

Bank of China

Our buses stop outside Bank of China, near Burrard Skytrain Station, at 1025 Dunsmuir Street!

09:00 AM

Estimated Return
05:45 PM

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