Vancouver - Joffre Lakes Bus Service

Vancouver - Joffre Lakes Bus Service

In Partnership with BC Parks

This route is currently unavailable. Please check back soon for 2022 schedules.

SERVICE TO JOFFRE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - NO DATE SET FOR RESTART OF SERVICE. Bus to Joffre Lakes from Vancouver is a scheduled service offered by Parkbus in partnership with BC Parks. The bus picks up passengers in downtown Vancouver (near Burrard Station) at 7:30 AM, and costs between $25 and $60 per person for a return trip.

190 km From Vancouver
3 hours
Coach seating, AC, Washroom

Ticket Prices

  • Regular rate$94
  • Students / Seniors$85
  • Children$47
  • Regular rate$68
  • Students / Seniors$61
  • Children$34

Important: this is NOT a guided trip. Only transportation is included.

Your preferred date sold out? Consider a trip to beautiful Golden Ears - seats still avaialble!

The bus service to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park from Vancouver is a popular transportation service for visitors to Vancouver and residents alike. The service runs on all weekends and holidays in season. The bus pick up in Vancouver is centrally located near Burrard Station (1025 Dunsmuir Rd), with direct connection to Joffre Lakes trailhead. The bus makes a short stop on route at Whistler Visiter Center (if you are based in Whistler, you can take the bus from here!), where passengers can use the washroom facilities and purchase food/drink.

You can catch our Joffre Lakes a pickup that is centrally located near Burrard SkyTrain Station - 1025 Dunsmuir St (Bank of China). The bus departs at 8:30 AM, and returns at about 8:30pm.

Our arrival time to Joffre Trailhead is at about 11:30am, with departure scheduled for 5:30pm.

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park WEATHER

Important Safety Information

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is one of our most popular destinations but it is also very remote. Once you are dropped off at the park, you are responsible for your own safety. There are no guides - this is NOT a group or guided trip, as Parkbus only provides transportation. Make sure you review basic safety information, and bring food and lots of water (it is not possible to buy food or water in the park). There is no cellphone reception in the park or in the parking lot, as it is remote wilderness. As is elsewhere in BC backcountry, you may encounter natural hazards, such as snowy conditions, poor visibility, wildlife as well as steep and dangerous cliffs, especially if you wander off trail (do not!).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the bus ride?

The bus from Vancouver to Joffre Lakes takes between 2.5 and 3 hours to reach its destination, and covers approximately 190km each way. The bus makes a stop in Whistler, where passengers can streth their legs, use a bathroom and purchase food or drink. If you are based in Whistler, <you can board the bus there as well.

What kind of buses are you using?

We are using school bus vehicles on this route. Although a coach bus would have been preferred for this longer bus ride, we must stick to a school bus due to very limited parking space at the drop-off point. Due to limited space, coach buses were not able to safely turn around in the past - and we had to revert back to school buses. As school buses do not have a bathroom on board, we will be making a rest stop on the way to and from Joffre Lakes (at Whistler).

Are pets allowed on the bus?

Pets are not allowed on the bus or in the park. Service animals are excepted for this rule.

Is there a washroom on the bus?

There is no washroom on the bus. However, the bus makes at least one stop between Vancouver and Joffre Lakes, usually at Whistler. If you require an extra stop, please talk to the driver.

What is the cancellation policy?

The tickets are not refundable less than 14 days prior to the trip. However, you can modify trip date up to 48 hours prior to departure. You can also change the name on the ticket at no charge.

Do you cancel the bus in case of bad weather?

Generally, no. However, we will cancel the bus if BC Parks advises us to do so - which can happen due to forest fire or other serious hazard. In this case, all tickets will be fully refunded.

What happens if I miss the bus?

If you miss the bus in Vancouver, we may be able to rebook you on another bus only if you notify us in advance. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any credit for no shows.

Is there a guide?

There is usually a volunteer on the bus. However, there is no guide for the hike. We recommend that you study park map and hike information before leaving the city, as there is no reception in the park or at park parking lot.

If you are looking for guided experiences, we recommend that you look int our ActiveDays program - and join us on our next guided hike!

Do you offer group discounts for the bus?

If your group is 5 passengers or more, please get in touch and we may be able to offer a group rate, subject to seat availability.

Stops in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park


Joffre Lakes Trailhead

The bus will drop you off at the trailhead / parking lot from where you will be only 200m away from the first lake! For the most beautiful second and third lakes, however, you must be prepared to hike up!

Estimated Arrival
11:30 AM

05:30 PM

Pickup Locations In Vancouver

1025 Dunsmuir St (Bank of China)

Our buses stop outside Bank of China, near Burrard Skytrain Station, at 1025 Dunsmuir Street!

08:30 AM

Estimated Return
08:30 PM

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